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Category: Blog — @ 5:46 pm August 21, 2006

A few mental notes from the Landing on the Moon show Friday night: First off, the crowd, or should I say the lack of a crowd — only 30 people, despite the fact that the OWH did a large-ish feature on LotM in last week’s Go! section. And the fact that there were three touring Lawrence/KC bands on the bill. There appears to be no formula that will guarantee a turnout at any show, except maybe having a Saddle Creek band on the bill. A couple months ago, I wrote a cover story for The Reader on Speed! Nebraska Records (here) in support of a label showcase down at Sokol, which also got hyped in the OWH. The result: only 30 people…again. Ah, the power(lessness) of the press… (on the other hand, I can point to the recent Cursive show at Sokol Auditorium that almost sold out and say, “It’s all because of my cover story…”) NOT!

Anyway, the turnout was a disappointment for LotM after having just spent the last couple weeks on the road. It’s safe to say they expected people to show up not only to welcome them back, but because of the strength of the bill. I missed The Only Children (ex-Anniversary) but caught Ghosty, who never sounded better, and 1090 Club, who’s bass-less, violin-driven indie pop was mixed a bit too brightly for my delicate ears (good thing I had ear plugs). Their music was sweet and fluid, but I would have liked some low-end in the mix…

Last came Landing on the Moon. I’ve seen them play at least a half-dozen times, and last Friday’s show was probably their best performance. They managed to create plenty of energy despite playing for a near-empty room. The most notable diff, however, was vocalist Megan Morgan, who in the past seemed to struggle with the dynamics of a rock presentation despite putting everything she had into her performance. Any uncertainty or wavering in her voice was gone on Friday night as she belted out her numbers like a young Pat Benatar. Funny what two solid weeks of live performances will do for your vocal style. Same held true for hubby Oliver, whose vocals never sounded better. Pity so few were there to hear it.

Well, if getting press is a curse, I’ve probably just jinxed Shinyville, who is the subject of a lengthy feature that’ll be online at Lazy-i Wednesday morning in support of their O’leaver’s gig next Tuesday with Gays in the Military. Sorry guys.

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