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Category: Blog — @ 5:48 pm July 20, 2006

Another submission from our intern, and another disagreement in the rating department…

The Channel, Tales from Two Hill Heart/Sibylline Machine (C Side) — With a seven-piece band there’s plenty of room to create intricate sounds and songs. The Channel knows this very well. No part is out of place or invading the wavelengths of others on this well-orchestrated double-disc. The instrumentation is even more impressive. Anywhere from two to four keyboards, organs or Rhodes are heard at any given time. The guitars trade off from acoustic to electric while a lap steel fluidly traverses a handful of the songs.

The instrumentation remains consistent across both discs, but the sounds come together to give each its own distinct sense. They are, however, very much two of the same, set at different targets. While both are rooted deeply in the alternative-country vein Sibylline Machine is the more upbeat and Tales from Two Hill Heart is more reserved, with nice harmonies that provide a melancholy overtone. Rating: Yes Brendan Greene-Walsh

Tim sez: Do we have Conor to blame for all these double-discs these days? This is the third one I’ve received in the past couple weeks, two of which came from unknown bands. Used to be the argument was over whether to put out an EP or a full length — now it’s between putting out a single or a double disc. No one knows who you are, folks. Why submit strangers to this much material? Edit, goddamit! My vote always will be for releasing a single CD, and if you’re a new band, an EP. I don’t need to hear 23 songs that sound oh so similar. And that’s what you get here with Austin’s The Channel. When you have a style that relies so heavily on recent Of Montreal and Shins, a little goes a long way. Twenty minutes worth? Sure. Over an an hour? Uh, no. Rating: No

I may disagree, but Brendan passed the audition. Look for more from him in the future.

Tonight at Sokol Underground, The Sword returns with Saviors and Those Peabodys. Lot of people are excited about this show. The Sword represents the new young turks of indie metal. I saw them the last time they came through, opening for Trail of Dead, and was less then impressed. 9 p.m., $8.

If metal ain’t your thing, head down to O’Leaver’s for the somersaulting hi-jinx of Poison Control Center with Emperor X. PCC never fails to entertain. $5, 9:30 p.m.

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