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Category: Blog — @ 12:17 pm June 16, 2006

Let’s get this out of the way: Mark Burgess’ show at Mick’s tonight has been canceled. Burgess played in Atlanta Wednesday night, but flew back to Hamburg today due to a family emergency. There’s an outside chance that he’ll pass through Omaha in September when he’s in the country for a band-supported performance in NYC.

The cancellation will now allow me to attend the Graphic Noise Rock Poster show down at Jackson Artworks, featuring Simon Joyner, Ted Stevens and Jake Bellows — all three for only $5. Unfortunately, galleries are lousy places to see performances. Go for the posters, dude, then afterward go see Skull Fight! (a.k.a. The Cuterthans) at O’Leaver’s for another $5.

So the burning question about Saturday is: What to do after the Bright Eyes concert? (Incidentally, now there’s a chance for thunderstorms Saturday afternoon. Uh-oh.). A lot of people will be strolling over to The 49r to see Ladyfinger (ne). No, the (ne) after Ladyfinger isn’t a mistake — that’s the band’s new name, according to the fine folks at Saddle Creek Records. You’ve heard this story before: Seems there’s a band in California that already owns the rights to the name Ladyfinger, so our Ladyfinger (the real Ladyfinger) had to add something to the name or change it entirely. They liked the name so much, they decided to add the (ne, which I guess stands for Nebraska? Hmmm… maybe they could have just added an “s” at the end (Ladyfingers?). Anyway, Ladyfinger (ne) (something tells me that name’s not going to work) and Lincoln’s Ideal Cleaners are playing at The Niner Saturday after Bright Eyes, which will probably finish up at around 10.

I was going to suggest that if the Niner doesn’t trip your trigger, there’s always the goony-summer-goodtime rock of Dressy Bessy at O’Leaver’s — but according to the Dressy Bessy’s myspace page, the show has been canceled “through no fault of our own.” Meanwhile, O’Leaver’s main page still shows it scheduled as does I suggest you contact O’Leaver’s before making the trip.

Look for some reviews here over the weekend.

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