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Category: Blog — @ 11:31 pm June 6, 2006

I’m told that The Cardinal Sin didn’t make it to O’Leaver’s last night. Something about one of the guys in the band “throwing out his back,” according to the show’s promoter. Just how old are these guys that they’re already suffering from back problems? Apparently Jaeger Fight made it, so the night was salvaged. I didn’t go. Nor will I be attending tonight’s festivities at O’Leaver’s: A Utah band with the unfortunate name of TaughtMe, along with Justin Lamoureaux’s Midwest Dilemma and the always interesting Kyle Harvey. $4, 9 p.m. There are more details about this show here on the webboard.

One other item: This Bright Eyes article is making the rounds up in the Great White North where boy wonder will be playing a string of shows leading to his Memorial Park gig a week from Friday. His Dylan comparisons = lazy journalism comment is old hat. He’s right about Canadians being more laid back — they clearly are, in my experience. Smarter and kinder as well. Based on this piece, I assume that he’ll also pass on playing “When the President Talks to God” when he makes it back. Quote of the article: “I don’t see the record being as homogenized as the last two were.” Homogenized? So does that mean he’s going back to low-fi? Not likely.

Look for the His Name Is Alive piece bright and early tomorrow morning.

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