Precious Metal added to tonight’s Yeah Yeah Yeahs show…

Category: Blog — @ 3:09 pm April 18, 2006

What will all those radio-loving suburban youth who are driving down to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show tonight at Sokol Auditorium going to think of Mike Dapose of The Faint’s death metal side project Precious Metal? Will they cover their ears? Will they cower in fear? Or will they stand in awe at Dapose’s guitar virtuosity? Putting Precious Metal on the bill was a savvy move that will result in as much talk as the headliners. I suggest getting there at the stroke of 8 to see the carnage. You’ll either love it or hate it. You’ll definitely remember it. The other opener, Brooklyn’s Blood on the Wall, is described as an indie rock trio with male and female vocals. Hmmm… If the Yeahs are anything like they were the last time they came through, this will be a must-see show if only to see Nick Zinner’s amazing guitar pyrotechnics. Last I looked, tickets were still available.

It’s a busy Tuesday. O’Leaver’s is hosting Voodoo Organist, who Brendan of Life After Laserdisque (who is opening this show along with No Blood Orphan) swears by. If the Yeahs end early, it might be worth a swing-by.

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