Pink Mountaintops aren’t high; The Nein tonight…

Category: Blog — @ 1:13 pm March 15, 2006

Strange little interview with Pink Mountaintops just went online (read it here). Frontman Steve McBean talks about how drugs aren’t an end to a means when it comes to their music, which sounds like drug music to the uninitiated. Very little of the interview didn’t make the story except for our disjointed discussion about living in Canada (He doesn’t see a diff between the US and his homeland, especially along the West Coast), his take on Two Gallants, which they’ll be touring with (“I haven’t met them yet. I’m looking forward to seeing them live.”) and Omaha (“I’ve never been there before. I’ve been to Lincoln. I love the Nebraska plains, I’ve driven through there a lot.”). Our cell connection made the Top-5 Worst Ever list. I could barely hear what he was saying. The technology just ain’t there yet, people, that’s why I don’t carry a cell phone.

A last-minute show tonight at O’Leaver’s — The Nein (former members of The White Octave) are dropping in to do a set. They came through here almost exactly a year ago (March 12 to be exact). Here’s what I said about that performance:

The Nein is The White Octave without Criteria’s Stephen Pedersen (who was in the audience cheering on his former comrades). With a new CD out on Sonic Unyon, the band carried itself like seasoned indie rock veterans, playing tunes that sounded like typical angular indie rock with a hook. The lead singer/guitarist has a voice that (when you could hear it in the poor mix) was reminiscent of a young, gritty Elvis Costello — a comparison that will seem out of the blue for these guys who would probably prefer to be compared to the usual suspects (Gang of Four, Pixies, etc.). Their music, of course, sounded nothing like Costello’s. Overall, I guess I liked it, though we’ve all heard these songs before in one form or another. I think if they pulled it back they’d be better for it. That said, the CD is a keeper and worth finding.

No idea who’s opening. $5, 9 p.m.

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