Edith Frost in the spotlight; Two Gallants, Pink Mountaintops tonight

Category: Blog — @ 1:29 pm March 23, 2006

Those looking for the story about The Faint possibly heading to American Recordings, scroll down or click here. Traffic to the site was mighty fierce yesterday. Obviously there’s some interest out there.

This week’s feature is an interview with the sad, sweet Edith Frost (read it here). As outlined in the story, Edith couldn’t do the interview over the phone because her voice was shot. She asked for an e-mail Q&A, which I usually dread. Thankfully, she’s very literate and liberal with her answers. The story talks about how her music directly relates to her (she says it don’t), how she got started in the biz, her touring band and lots more. The version in this week’s issue of The Reader is abbreviated — I was asked to hack out 200 words to make it fit. But the fact is, I couldn’t get everything into the unabridged version, either. Here are a few questions that didn’t get covered in the story:

Lazy-i: I think your music is sad and beautiful, simple and honest, and your voice is gorgeous and very easy to fall for. Your songs remind me of Aimee Mann or Liz Phair. Do you think Liz sold out on her last couple albums? Would you consider doing that if the money was there?

Edith: I’m not Liz Phair, I wouldn’t be able to follow her same path. I have no problem with what she’s done with her career… it’s not a way I would want to go myself exactly, but that’s cool, we’re both doing our thing and making the kind of music we want to make. As a formerly huge fan I’d rather see her out there and continuing to make music even if it’s currently not my cuppa tea stylistically. There’s always hope.

Lazy-I: Speaking of song writing, I read somewhere that you’re suffering from writer’s block, or that you’re just having a difficult time writing new material. Is that true, and is it a cause of worry for you? Do you need a muse? Are you trying to put together a new album?

Edith: I don’t know where you’re reading these things. I write songs when I’m in songwriting mode; I’m not in that mode right now. Actually I am writing things down and coming up with some ideas but I’m not in any rush get them demo’ed. Right now I’m in *touring* mode, I’m promoting the album that just came out. I’m not going to worry about the next job until I’m done with this one… should be done with touring by summer so that’s when I’ll hopefully get crackin’ on new demos.

Lazy-I: What do you think of Omaha?

Edith: I need to get to know ‘er better I guess. I’ve never hung out there at all, just played a couple of shows, blew in and blew out… the audiences have always been really cool though, that’s for sure! Good audience = good show, for me and for them.

And so on… Tonight at the Sokol Underground, the return of Two Gallants with Pink Mountaintops. Opening is jazz duo The Kevin Pike/John Kotchian. I suspect this will be a heavily attended show thanks to the combined powers of Saddle Creek and Jagjaguwar. And a thrifty ticket price of $8 — a steal.

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