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Category: Blog — @ 1:24 pm February 17, 2006

From a pure concert standpoint, this is one of the best weekends of the year… if you live in Lincoln. Tonight it’s Nine Inch Nails and Moving Units at Pershing; tomorrow night it’s the sold-out Jeff Tweedy show at The Rococo while The Elected and Cocoon (The Todd Fink side project) are at Duffy’s.

The pickin’s aren’t so bad for the rest of us stuck in this iceball called Omaha, except for tonight maybe. The only show worth mentioning is former M.I.J. frontman Jeff Hanson at Sokol Underground with Southerly and Tim Perkins. Hanson’s solo debut, released on Kill Rockstars, was produced by the Mogis Brothers at Presto! And yes, for those of you who remember M.I.J., Hanson’s that guy that sounds like a girl. In fact, his new album sounds like a girl singing Elliott Smith songs. Southerly also keeps with the acoustic, earnest, emo theme. $7, 9 p.m.

Tomorrow night is the bonanza night. At The 49’r you have the No Blood Orphan CD release show, which also features Jake Bellows (Neva Dinova), Microphone Jones, Lee Meyerpeter (Bad Luck Charm) and a number of “surprise special guests.” I suspect this will be a madhouse, as all 49’r shows are. The problem with The 49’r, as I’ve written a million times before, is that there is no place to stand in the venue without being in someone’s way, which makes for one pain-in-the-ass evening. Someone needs to rethink the venue’s set-up for live shows. $3 (or $5, I’m not complete sure), 9:30 p.m.

Meanwhile, just a few blocks away, Outlaw Con Bandana is hosting its album-release show at Don Carmelo’s on 35th and Farnam. How they’ll pull this off in the pizza joint is anyone’s guess, though frontman Brendan Hagberg said it’ll be something to see. Opening the show is none other than Omaha icon Bill Hoover. And you can’t beat the price — it’s free.

Look for a live review or two right here this weekend.

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