A cold weekend ahead; Head of Femur, The Bruces and Simon Joyner tonight

Category: Blog — @ 1:30 pm December 2, 2005

I was going to write about the whole Scott Stapp vs. 311 brawl, but really, who cares? Stapp is a no-talent has-been who will end up on America’s Most Wanted some day while 311 is a band that continues to suck off the teat of its former fame, having done nothing innovative musically in over a decade. There are a couple amusing lines from the story, however, such as “Meanwhile, 311 is due in Toronto Friday as part of a fall tour in support of the Omaha-based band‘s latest album, Don’t Tread on Me.” Omaha-based band? And “(Stapp’s) debut solo album, The Great Divide, barely dented the charts this week, opening at 19 with 94,000 in sales.” I can see why he’s drunk all the time — only 94k in sales the first week?

Anyway, the hottest show of the weekend is tonight down at Sokol Underground with Head of Femur, The Bruces and Simon Joyner, all on one bill for a mere $7 — a remarkable value. According to their website, the line-up for HofF tonight will be Ben Armstrong, Mike Pardington Elsener, Matthew Focht, Tyson Thurston and The Chancellor. I assume since 1 Percent is billing him as simply “Simon Joyner” that he won’t be backed by his band, The Wind-up Birds, who just wrapped up recording an album down at The Goofy Foot space slated for release sometime next year. That likely won’t stop Simon from playing some songs off the upcoming album, however.

Meanwhile, also tonight, is Meadowlarks, Austin Britton (Kite Pilot), Bill Latham and Outlaw Con Bandana at O’Leaver’s. $5, 9:30 p.m.

Saturday night, O’Leaver’s has Kansas City’s Roman Numerals (Steve from Season to Risk), Members Of The Press (Randy Cotton), and Fromanhole. $5, 9:30 p.m. And that about does it for shows this weekend.

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