Eux Autres online; Urgh! movie tonight at O’Leaver’s

Category: Blog — @ 12:29 pm August 31, 2005

Just placed online a feature/interview with the French-speaking brother-and-sister duo of Eux Autres (read it here). They’re both originally from Omaha and still have family here, which makes their gig tomorrow night at The Goofy Foot a homecoming of sorts. Among the things we talked about that didn’t make it into the story was perceptions and the indie scene. In this case, prejudicial perceptions that arise from Heather Larimer’s past history as a high school cheerleader — talk about about a no-no in the indie world (at least among some people). “I don’t hide it,” she said. “It’s weird, once you get around music people they don’t believe it.” She went on to say the whole cheerleading thing was her mother’s idea, having told her she’d need some sort of extracurricular activity on her transcripts if she wanted to get into college.

It was here that we talked about how some things are acceptable in the indie world and others are shunned… like success. It’s almost uncool to be successful, and certainly bands are almost immediately labeled as “sell outs” if they make the jump to a major label. “I don’t think indie rock has a natural suspicion of success,” Heather said, “but some people reject the idea of success in a preemptive way.”

“That way when someone’s not successful it’s because they don’t want it that way,” said brother Nicholas, suggesting I watch the documentary Dig! for a good example of that concept. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with success. You shouldn’t be embarrassed by what you’re doing.” If I go tomorrow night (and I plan to) it’ll be the first time I’ve had a chance to check out The Goofy Foot. Look for a review of show and the venue Friday morning.

Tonight, however, is movie night at O’Leaver’s, where they’ll be hosting a free screening of Urgh! A Music War. You can read more about the movie in last week’s column, or check out what movie night host Mike Tulis has to say about it here. I’m told by Mr. Tulis that usually only a handful of people come out for the film, which makes for a laid-back vibe. So come on by around 9, sit back, and watch the Gang of Four, XTC and The Cramps do their thing on the plasma screen. See you there.

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