Slowdown speeds up; Bettie Serveert tonight

Category: Blog — @ 12:27 pm June 29, 2005

Online now, the skinny on Slowdown, Saddle Creek Records’ office/bar/music venue project slated for downtown Omaha (read it here). Label guy Jason Kulbel talks about the club’s booking, financial info, time line, all sorts of fun stuff. You also get detailed PDF drawings of the entire facility, giving you plenty of time to scope out the perfect hiding place for opening night. Though it all looks pretty definite, there are some issues that could slowdown Slowdown, not the least of which could be challenges involved in getting the land ready for construction, and the possible costs involved in a worst-case scenario. Not making it into the story is Kulbel’s explanation regarding “the bathroom situation.” Women will be pleased to know that there are almost twice as many stalls in the women’s john as “receptacles” in the men’s. Why? “Because we care,” Kulbel said. Actually, its all a zoning thing.

Tonight, the triumphant return of Bettie Serveert at Sokol Underground. The band was just here in February, and I’m told really playing in Omaha. Opening is No Blood Orphan featuring Mike Saklar (The Philharmonic, Mal Madrigal, ex-Ravine) and Che Arthur. $10, 9 p.m. If you’re in Lincoln, you might want to check out The Groovie Ghoulies at Knickerbockers with Teenage Bottle Rocket, Teenage Harlots and J.V. All*Stars. The early show starts at 5 p.m. $7.

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