Down and out in river city; Supersystem/El Guapo tonight …

Category: Blog — @ 11:23 am May 2, 2005

I spent my weekend sleeping and blowing my nose having succumbed to a vicious spring cold. In fact, the malady still has me in its grip and will keep me from attending tonight’s Supersystem, Thunderbirds are Now!, Coast of Nebraska show at O’Leaver’s. Supersystem, btw, used to be the better-named El Guapo. Said I of the band’s Oct. 22 show at Sokol Underground when they opened for Q & Not U: “I was somewhat surprised to hear a couple bands that were sort-of, kind-of dance acts. El Guapo more so. I joked that I blamed The Rapture for their sound, but that’s probably not fair. The four-piece mixed NYC punk rock with dance beats and programming. I was initially confused by the drum parts — I thought it was just a really clear, crisp snare. But in fact, they were using a combination of live drums and pre-recorded beats, which worked most of the time. I liked it, but when it comes to this sort of progressive punk-dance stuff, I prefer the live version of Radio 4.” Though derivative, certainly worth the $5 cover. Wish I could go.

Tomorrow I’ll catch up on all the Internet headlines that have been piling up in my inbox. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some flem to attend to…

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