Precious Metal a.k.a. Dapose (you know, the one from The Faint)

Category: Blog — @ 12:27 pm April 13, 2005

Most of the interviews used for the Precious Metal story that I just put online (read it here) were actually conducted last October, shortly after The Faint completed a European tour in support of the then just-released Wet from Birth. I had intended to write a feature on The Faint exclusively for Lazy-i (The Faint article for The Reader in support of Wet From Birth had, in fact, already been assigned to a different writer), but didn’t want to run it until a week before a talked-about winter Faint show that was to be held at a venue other than Sokol Auditorium. That show never materialized, and neither did the story. Then along came this Precious Metal show, a project that Dapose and I had spent most of the interview talking about along with his background in death metal. I did a brief follow-up interview Sunday, and voila! here we are.

Needless to say, a ton of the original 2,500-word interview wasn’t used, including more detail on how Dapose got involved with The Faint and how that band approaches rehearsals as more than just a band practice, but as a way of communicating art, culture and other interests among themselves. It’s already formatted as a Q&A, which I’ll probably put online in its entirety sometime before the upcoming Faint/Bright Eyes show in May.

Left out of this piece from the follow-up interview is Dapose’s description of what you’ll be seeing from Precious Metal on Friday night. Though he’s among the team responsible for the videos used as part of The Faint’s live shows, there won’t be any multimedia elements used for Precious Metal. “I never even considered doing a multimedia thing for this project,” Dapose said. “I really want it to be about the music — the performance of man and machine.”

So I asked him if he’d be nervous standing up there all alone surrounded by equipment instead of band members. “I suppose so,” he said. “It’s not a normal thing for any band to have just one person. I guess I feel comfortable with the music. I’m looking at it as if I’m the piano man at a bar, though it’ll definitely have a different feel from that.” In other words, don’t expect to hear Dapose belt out a cover of Billy Joel’s “She’s Always a Woman.” A word of warning — get to the show by 9 p.m. If the order stands as posted on the One Percent Productions site, Precious Metal will go on first, and Marc and Jim have been rigorous about starting their shows on time this year.

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