The United State of Electronica

Category: Blog — @ 1:26 pm March 2, 2005

Just posted, a profile/interview with United State of Electronica (note that there’s no “s” on the end of State). Read it here. This should be a radical show for O’Leaver’s — if people show up, that is. Imagine seven disco queens jumping around O’Leaver’s tiny “stage,” pumping out a night’s worth of thump-thump-thump disco action. Will it turn into a dance party or just another night of sitting around, leaning over the rail with a beer in hand, switching between gawking at the band and watching NCAA basketball? We’ll see next Monday night. I mentioned to U.S.E.’s Noah Star Weaver that the gig would have been better suited at a roller skating rink, and he agreed. “We were actually thinking of doing a show at our local skating rink.” Now wouldn’t that be a change of pace…

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