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Category: Blog — @ 1:23 pm March 29, 2005

Welcome back from another long, boring Easter holiday. When will Easter become a drinking holiday like New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day? It can’t happen soon enough…

I spent mine writing CD reviews. Check out the Reviews Matrix for about 20 new capsule reviews. Look for the symbol for the latest ones. Many more to come.

A feature on Seattle singer/songwriter Luke Temple goes online at Lazy-i tomorrow morning. Temple is playing at O’Leaver’s Saturday night with co-headliners The End of the World. Oh, and Tim Kasher (The Good Life) just happens to be opening. Damn, and I wanted to go to this one — looks like another evening spent in the parking lot…

Speaking of O’Leaver’s, New York’s The Turbo A.C.’s are playing there tonight with 7 Shot Screamers and Zyklon Bees. Turbo plays “The finest surf guitar-injected punkrock since 1996” according to their website. Their last record, 2003’s Automatic, was produced by The Dwarves’ Blag Dahlia and was released on Gearhead. Rockabilly/horrorbilly band 7 Shot Screamers hails from St. Louis and loves The Cramps. This is another last-minute O’Leaver’s booking, as the show doesn’t even appear on Turbo’s tour page (They play at Hairy Mary’s tomorrow night).

Catching up on some old e-mail, our friends Anonymous American got a brief write up in the Minneapolis/St. Paul City Pages (read it here). Now that they’ve conquered Minneapolis, AA needs to book a few days in New York and L.A.

What else…

Rumor has it that The Goofy Foot down on 10th and Pacific (the old Neon Goose) is becoming something of a hot-spot. Le Beat played there last night and Maria Taylor (Azure Ray), Steve Bartolomei and Dan McCarthy play there tomorrow night. I haven’t been there yet, but have been told that on any given night you can’t swing a dead cat in the place without hitting a Creeker or Creek-related scenester. What could this mean?

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