Live Review: The Coast of Nebraska, Bombardment Society; Jesse Malin tonight

Category: Blog — @ 9:35 pm February 21, 2005

Sorry for the delay, this shoulda been online yesterday morning. Didn’t make it. Blame it on fatigue. Regardless, I was there Saturday night for Coast of Nebraska and Bombardment Society. I went to see The Stay Awake, but they canceled. Apparently something was up with their drummer. Steve Micek was there to apologize to everyone, but it still sucked that they didn’t play. Sounds like it could be a month or more until we get a chance to see them play again, and then it’ll be at The 49’r, which means I probably won’t go. Oh well…

I’m told Gnome Slaughterhouse took The Stay Awake’s place. I don’t know because I missed their set (which means I would have missed The Stay Awake anyway, having believed the published band order). Coast of Nebraska did a nice job. They’re a brash angle-punk four-piece with a young hollerer at the lead. The music had an obvious Gang of Four post-punk influence. Not bad, though I think the two guitarists were playing the same notes throughout, and I could barely hear the drums.

There was no such quibbling about Bombardment Society. This must be the 10th time I’ve seen them play, but they only get better. The trio sounds completely different playing with O’Leaver’s rather minimal PA compared to when they’re supported by the massive stacks at Sokol Underground, where the sheer power gives them an added dimension. I like them loud, as loud as possible, actually.

It should be noted that the draw Saturday night was phenomenal. The absolutely packed house was a surprise to the promoter, who expected maybe 30 paid but instead saw 70 paid. Nice turnout. Could it happen again for tonight’s show at O’Leaver’s: Jesse Malin with Anonymous American’s Matt Whipkey opening. I’ve never heard a note of Malin’s music, so I can’t tell you if it’s any good. Whipkey says Malin knows Springsteen, so that might mean something (doesn’t mean a thing to me). 9:30; $7.

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