Mal Madrigal LP release show tonight; The Good Life tomorrow…

Category: Blog — @ 10:20 pm December 26, 2009

Being snowed isn’t so bad as long as you got power, and heat, and food. In the past when we had a snowstorm like the one we just had, the power would still be out here. This time we had full power the whole time, so it was actually a nice respite from the holiday noise. The snow plows have made their way through the major arteries, which makes me assume that tonight’s Mal Madrigal LP release show is still on at The Slowdown (I haven’t heard otherwise). Opening the show are Machineshop (Tiffany Kowalski) and Tin Kite (Stefanie Drootin and Chris Senseney). $8, 9 p.m. BTW, this is not listed as a “front room” show on the Slowdown site – I don’t know if that’s an oversight or if they really expect a huge crowd, but I’m guessing this is probably in the front room.

Tomorrow night’s show, however, is definitely in the big room — The Good Life with Fourth of July, Old Canes, Chris Senseney and Outlaw Con Bandana. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen The Good Life — maybe a year? This one is a real surprise. $10, 9 p.m.

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