Correction: It’s Conrad, not Conor; Homer’s to close Lincoln store; Shiver Shiver, Fromanhole, Voodoo Organist tonight…

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Regarding yesterday’s blog item about Conor playing Jimi at Woodstock… I didn’t believe it, either, but I figured, heck, this is The Washington Post ferchrissake, the home of Woodward and Bernstein, they couldn’t possibly have gotten this wrong no matter how upside-down-and-backwards the story sounds.

Then yesterday afternoon I got an e-mail from a reader that said the following: “I also found it strange that Conor would be playing in place of the dead Jimi Hendrix. Seems The Washington Post got the facts wrong…figures! The kid’s name is Conrad Oberg…close but still wrong.”

He included links to two other stories, including this one in USA Today which shows a picture of Conrad in mid-shred.

The Post apparently printed a correction yesterday. Ironically, I can link to the original article online (and it still references Conor), but I can’t link to the correction because it’s “by subscription only.”

* * *

We all make mistakes.

In last week’s column I referred to Saddle Creek’s Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson in second reference as MBAB — not MBAR. I blame fatigue and poor eyesight for the miscue, and have since fixed it on my website. Wish I could say that the typo was caught by the fine folks at The Reader

* * *

The Lincoln Journal-Star reported yesterday (here) that Homer’s is closing its Lincoln store sometime next month. In the article, Homer’s general manager Mike Fratt said the economy and the inability to negotiate more favorable lease terms with the building’s owner combined to prompt the closing. “It was really ugly in October, really ugly in January and really ugly this month,” said Fratt in the LJS article, noting that Homer’s did not see a similar decline at its Omaha stores.

Does that mean we’re not going to see any Omaha Homer’s stores close their doors in the very near future? Hey Mike, I just bought three CDs at the Saddle Creek location Sunday! If you’re thinking of closing it, at least consider moving it to Benson. I think there’s an empty storefront that just became available where a bridal shop used to be.

* * *

It’s a busy Tuesday music-wise.

Keyboard-and-drum pop-rock duo Shiver Shiver is playing at The Waiting Room with The Half Hearts. $7, 9 p.m.

Down the street at The Sydney, art-noise-rock trio Fromanhole is playing with The Stay Awake and The Short Histories of Powerful Nations. $5, 9 p.m.

And the Voodoo Organist returns once again to fabulous O’Leaver’s Pub, with godshamgod (formerly Prostitute America). $5, 9:30 p.m.

* * *

Tomorrow: MAHA Explained…

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