Darren Keen tonight; Mick’s closes, Sydney opens…

Category: Blog — @ 7:58 pm January 27, 2009

How to describe Slumberparty, the new album by Darren Keen, the mastermind behind The Show Is the Rainbow… Personal? Introspective? Homemade? Tuneful? Glistening? All those words seem to fit, but not really.

In Keen’s interview with Kevin Coffey in the OWH (here), he said he was trying to make a singer-songwriter record, but that Slumberparty wasn’t it. “It’s kinda like psychedelic singer-songwriter music,” he said. It’s experimental, but in its own way, less experimental than TSITR. In fact, tunes on the album sport more-focused central melodies, my favorite being “Fun Buddy,” with the line, “Well I don’t know what I did / Would you show me?” I can’t wait to see how Darren belts it out tonight at the album’s release party at The Waiting Room. Joining him will be Slumber Party label mates Honeybee, Stolen Kisses & DJ Kobrakyle. $7, 9 p.m.

Speaking of the OWH, I just noticed that another article appeared in the paper last Friday announcing that Mick’s is closing and reopening as “The Sydney,” a “neighborhood bar.” The new owners were identified as Pinkerton Properties, which includes Jamie Massey of Ladyfinger/Race for Titles fame. The owners reiterated that although they’re keeping the PA, The Sydney (Aussie theme?) won’t be a music venue. I recently discussed the wisdom of opening a new neighborhood bar in the already crowded Benson market with one of the area’s bar owners. His take: It’ll be a huge success. We’ll see.

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