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Category: Blog — @ 6:50 pm December 11, 2008

The back story behind this Criteria feature is as follows: I wrote a story with frontman Stephen Pedersen right around the time he left Kutak Rock to do music full time (read that one here). Off he went on tour for a year and a half. And then one day as I’m leaving my office at Union Pacific to get some lunch, I ran into Pedersen — in suit and tie — as he was headed to the UP cafeteria (which is open to the public, btw). Stephen told me he was back at Kutak and that he’d fill me in on his brief spin with rock stardom. It took a year, but here’s the story, just in time to support Criteria’s gig at The Waiting Room this Saturday night with The Beat Seekers and The Envy Corps. Sounds like Pedersen has found a comfortable middle ground between his life as an attorney and his life in Criteria. I know he says he isn’t going to tour again, but I’ll believe it when I see it… Anyway, go read the story and get your tickets for Saturday night’s show.

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Looks like Rolling Stone struck first with their list of the top albums of ’08 (actually, Omahype beat them to the punch — they posted their list on Tuesday). Of note with RS, TV on the Radio was No. 1 (blah…); My Morning Jacket was No. 4 (huh?) and our very own Conor Oberst came it at No. 23. Sayeth Stone about Conor: “Tracks like ‘I Don’t Want to Die (In the Hospital)’ feel like lost Hank Williams demos.” No, no they don’t. I like the album, but it doesn’t sound like Hank Williams. Anyway… I suspect we’ll be seeing Pitchfork‘s list any day now. And watch for the Lazy-i list in the coming weeks.

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