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Category: Blog — @ 9:19 pm December 9, 2008

Here’s today’s intern submission (It’s nice to have something to fall back on when nothing’s going on…).

The Dresden Dolls, No, Virginia… (Roadrunner) — The Boston duo delivers a whirlwind of piano and drums, self-described as “Cabaret Punk.” They’ve crafted an original style that combines elements of straightforward rock and theatre. The rock comes by way of precise, technical drumming coupled with vibrant piano. The theatricality comes by way of dramatic stops and starts, dynamic changes and pianist Amanda Palmer’s voice. Some might describe it as over-exaggerated, forced or even downright irritating. But halfway through the album, the garishness subsides into the song structure and meshes with the music to create the band’s unique genre. They avoid monotony by differentiating tempo and pacing, showing a willingness to pull back the rock in place of gentle, more somber numbers. Rating: Yes. — Brendan Greene-Walsh

Tim sez: This is a collection of b-sides, rarities and leftovers from the recording sessions that produced 2006’s Yes, Virginia… of which this is sort of a sequel. I’ve never been a DD fan, and this didn’t change my mind. Of note is a rather languid cover of the Furs’ “Pretty in Pink,” which was a bit too pretty for my taste. The duo are said to be on an indefinite hiatus, so this could be their swan song. Rating: No.

Tomorrow: The Faint

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