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Category: Blog — @ 5:50 pm June 10, 2008

Here’s an item that’ll appear in Backbeat in tomorrow’s issue of The Reader:

Weeks after its release, the full-length by Midwest Dilemma, Timelines & Tragedies, has landed on the College Music Journal‘s top-200 chart at No. 161. CMJ develops its chart by compiling play lists from college and non-commercial radio stations.

Midwest Dilemma mastermind Justin Lamoureux sent 300 copies of the CD to radio stations with the help of Minneapolis-based promotion and distribution company Tinderbox Music. He said the service “cost less than $2,000” but was worth it to get the music in front of radio station programmers. Those costs are usually covered by an artist’s record label. In Lamoureux’s case, the label is his own wallet.

“What I’ve been told is that it’s a good opportunity, especially if you plan on going on tour,” Lamoureux said. “It helps build relationships with radio stations in cities you hope to play.”

Lamoureux wasn’t sure how the CMJ chart will translate into album sales, which, without traditional distribution, he handles online, through iTunes and through Omaha record stores. “I’m hoping it pays off, but I feel that right now, it’s cool that these radio stations are getting our music heard,” he said. “I’m shocked that so many stations added it to their play lists.”

For the week of May 22, Timelines & Tragedies had been added by more than 100 radio stations, according to Tinderbox, and will chart in 13 stations’ top-20.

Justin said he should have new CMJ numbers sometime today. Here’s hoping he continues climbing the charts.

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