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Category: Blog — @ 6:32 pm March 12, 2008

For those of you who have always wondered what my voice sounds like, I’m once again featured in the Worlds of Wayne podcast (download it here). This time Wayne and I talk about conducting interviews, writing criticism and other music-related stuff. Like I said the last time I did one of these, I’ll never listen to this podcast as I have a deep-seated phobia about hearing my own voice (I think it’s known as Phonophobia). So take a listen and let me know how I did.

Also featured in the podcast is music by The Third Men, Fizzle Like a Flood and Tilly and the Wall. Wayne originally asked me to bring music along that I’d like to play, so I burned a copy of a few of my favorite Lloyd Cole tunes. The look on Wayne’s face when I mentioned Lloyd Cole was enough to tell me that he was never going to play them on his show. That, and the fact that there are “clearance issues” regarding using music that is licensed and released by a record label. I have no idea how all that works. Luckily, I also brought along a handful of Best of Lazy-i compilation discs from over the years, and Wayne selected a couple songs off those by local bands which he could track down and get permission to use.

I’ve been asked before why I don’t start a podcast, and it would be relatively easy with my Macbook Air and Garageband, but I’m not convinced that there’s any value in me reading my blog entries rather than you reading my blog entries. That may change if I can ever figure out a way to record phone interviews…


I continue to find out about other local bands performing down at SXSW. Someone posted on the webboard that Vverevvolf Grehv is playing at Emo’s Thursday as part of the Relapse Records’ showcase.

Another one is Eagle*Seagull, who’s playing at The Thirsty Nickel Friday night. Eli Mardock e-mailed last week letting me know that E*S released a limited-edition vinyl EP cleverly titled I Hate EP’s. “There will be only 500 copies made available, all of which feature hand screen-printed cover art,” he said. “They’ll be sold on our forthcoming U.S. tour with Tokyo Police Club.” The EP also became available on iTunes (US) yesterday. The digital edition features three additional tracks.

I asked Eli for an update on the band’s efforts to sign to a record label. He said the EP was self-released, however “we’ve got a new label but are still keeping tight lipped about it (until all the little details are ironed out).  We’re really excited about it though, and it’s been hard to keep it quiet.  We’ll make an announcement soon enough.”

Know of any other locals headed to Austin? Post them on the webboard.

Tomorrow, the weekly column, featuring Alessi.

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