Not everyone gets a snow day; R.I.P. Magic Slim; wise-ass Oscar picks (in the column); Pleasure Adapter postponed…

Category: Blog — Tags: , — @ 1:35 pm February 21, 2013

by Tim McMahan,

Yeah, it does get tiresome seeing all those school teachers gloat on Facebook about having a “snow day.” You lucky sots. I’m more bitter about your summers off.

Needless to say, some shows are likely to be cancelled tonight. Fer instance, that Pleasure Adapter show (w/Touch People and Life Is Cool) slated for Slowdown Jr. tonight has been rescheduled for March 28, well past any threat of snow (right?). Wherever you go, you best call ahead to see what’s up.

* * *

Word began spreading last night of the death of Lincoln and Zoo Bar blues legend Magic Slim. Here he is with the Teardrops doing “Crazy Woman.” Last chance to dance, baby.

* * *

In this week’s column, my wise-ass take on the Oscar’s Best Picture category (based mostly on movie trailers). You can read it in this week’s issue of The Reader or online right here.

* * *

Drive safe, y’all.

* * *

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