My RSD purchase; Simon Joyner, Lonnie Methe tonight at Grapefruit…

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Simon Joyner at O’Leaver’s, July 1, 2016. Simon plays tonight at Grapefruit Records in the Old Market.

by Tim McMahan,

I made one Record Store Day stop at Homer’s Saturday afternoon after lunch. The crowds had subsided, but it was still plenty busy. Homer’s dude and Omaha man-of-action MarQ Manner said it was the most successful RSD he can remember, with a lot of stock having already been sold.

I flipped through the bins and had to decide between three albums – Joni Mitchell, Blue Highlights, Iggy Pop Live in Berlin, but ended up buying Lou Reed – I’m So Free: The 1971 RCA Demos. I only have one Lou Reed album (New York). I wanted something I could put on and just play in the background when I work, something I intend to play a lot.

I haven’t been inside Homer’s in at least a year and was surprised at how crammed it was with stuff. I remember the store being a lot more open, bright and orderly. These days every square inch is occupied with something, probably because they no longer have a warehouse (I can’t imagine having to do an inventory of all that stuff).

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Legendary Omaha singer/songwriter Simon Joyner performs for the first time in four years tonight at his record store, Grapefruit Records, 1125 Jackson Street in the Old Market. His latest single, “Tekamah,” is one of my recent favorites. He’s got a new album coming out May 20 called Songs from a Stolen Guitar (co-released by BB*Island and Homeless) and is headed to Europe next week on tour.

Joining Simon tonight is Lonnie Methe, who I haven’t seen perform since a gig he played at O’Leaver’s back in 2011 with David Kenneth Nance and Ember Schrag. I didn’t even know Lonnie still lived in Omaha until someone told me last week at O’Leaver’s that he’s actually lived here for years!

The show is $10 and starts at 7 p.m.

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