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Mountain Movers plays tonight at Brothers Lounge with David Nance Group.

by Tim McMahan,

I just wrote a column about Colorado for next month’s issue of The Reader where I talk about pot laws and the fact that I’ve never smoked a joint in my life. It hits the newsstands in a couple weeks. The point of mentioning it is  there was a long aside (that didn’t make it into the column) about a musician who told me that if I wasn’t stoned when I listened to his music than I was missing the point. Maybe he’s right. I’ll never know.

What I do know is that if there was one band whose music (I’d guess) would go well with pot and/or hallucinogenic drugs it would be Mountain Movers.

The New Haven, Connecticut, four-piece, led by guitarist/vocalist Dan Greene with lead guitarist Kryssi Battalene, plays a modern take on ’60s/’70s-style psych rock with an extra helping of fuzz-tone guitar and wow-wow leads that will make your head spin. They’ve been compared to Neu! and Ash Ra Tempel by their label, Chicago’s Trouble in Mind Records, who released a number of the band’s records including their latest, 2018’s Pink Skies. That album includes a brazen 11-plus minute head trip called “The Other Side of Today” that has me worried about flunking a drug test after merely listening to it. Droning, at times experimental, Mountain Movers plays fogged-out journeys into sonic landscapes cast in hues of deep blues and purples.

And they’re playing tonight at Brothers Lounge.

Joining them is our own David Nance Group, who has been known to spin their own mammoth guitar-fueled audio odysseys, as well as more straight-forward rock songs. For reference check out “Amethyst” and “In Her Kingdom” from 2018’s Peaced and Slightly Pulverized (Trouble in Mind). The band just released a new 7-inch out on Jack White’s Third Man Records, described by the label as “bottom-heavy druggy attic bummer jamming.” Hopefully they’ll have copies on hand at tonight’s show. $5, 10 p.m.

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