Lazy-i Best of 2020 compilation CD track list; So-So Sailors return from sea (with a new song)…

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Lazy-i Best of 2020 compilation CD

It’s the last week of the year and that means the beginning of the end. Let’s kick it off by announcing the annual Lazy-i Best of 2020 compilation CD track list.

Regular readers of the blog know I’ve been putting together this compilation since the website went live in ’98 (and even before that). It started as a cassette comp, and when home CD burners became affordable (or, should I say, when I could afford one), it switched to a CD (back in ’99, the first CD cover featured a live photo taken at a Dismemberment Plan concert at Sokol Underground).

The comp consists of the best tracks from artists I’ve written about in Lazy-i or The Reader throughout the year. About half the tracks are from Nebraskans. Despite the pandemic, it’s been a damn good year for new music.

Anyway, here’s the Lazy-i Best of 2020 tracklist:

  1. “Can’t Do Much” – Waxahatchee (Merge)
  2. “The Merchandise” – David Nance (Trouble in Mind)
  3. “Snake in My Basement” – Those Far Out Arrows (self release)
  4. “Mariana Trench” – Bright Eyes (Dead Ocean)
  5. “Hot Water Rising” – No Thanks (Black Site)
  6. “Compass” – Digital Leather (No Coast)
  7. “Video Game” – Sufjan Stevens (Asthmatic Kitty)
  8. “For Sure” – Future Islands (4AD)
  9. “Beautiful Machines” – Joan App (self release)
  10. “the ground below” – Run the Jewels (Jewel Runners)
  11. “Don’t Wanna” – HAIM (Columbia)
  12. “Under the Table” – Fiona Apple (Epic)
  13. “Northsiders” – Christian Lee Hutson (Anti)
  14. “Cold Light of Day” – Lewsberg (self release)
  15. “Blue Bird” – Nathan Ma (self release)
  16. “Agitate Resuscitate” – Criteria (15 Passenger)
  17. “Dying to Believe” – The Beths (Carpark)
  18. “Coolie Trade” – Mike Schlesinger (self release)
  19. “Asking for a Friend” – McCarthy Trenching (self release)
  20. “If We Make It Through December” – Phoebe Bridgers (Dead Ocean)
  21. “Christmas” – Marinelli (self release)

Want a copy of the CD? Enter to win one in the annual drawing! To enter, send me an email with your mailing address to Hurry, contest deadline is Monday, Jan. 4, at midnight.

The playlist also is available in Spotify. Simply click this link or search “Lazy-i Best of” in Spotify then select Playlists, and you’ll find it along with a few from past years, too.

. * * * .

What a wonderful surprise last week when the fine folks from The So-So Sailors posted a new song on Bandcamp.

From their Facebook post announcing the song: “Well, it’s been a while. And, we’ve missed you an awful lot! So, in the spirit of the season, and despite the trials of 2020, we wish you happiness, health and prosperity. And with that, please accept a little Christmas cookie in form of “My Arms,” the first single from our forthcoming 2021 LP release. Here’s to 2021!!

The band, which consists of frontman Chris Machmuller (Ladyfinger), drummer Dan Kemp, bassist/vocalist Brendan Greene-Walsh, keyboardist Dan McCarthy (McCarthy Trenching) and guitarist Alex McManus (The Bruces), released its debut EP, Young Hearts, in December 2011. Read about their illustrious origins in this 2011 Lazy-i interview.

Their new album is just one more thing to look forward to in 2021, along with the end of COVID and the return of live music. None of it can come fast enough…

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