Nordista Freeze, The Real Zebos tonight; Baroness, Henry Rollins spoken word Sunday…

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Henry Rollins tells stories Sunday night at The Admiral.

by Tim McMahan,

Not much to speak of indie-music wise this weekend…

Tonight at The Sydney in Benson, you’ve got Nordista Freeze on stage. Who is Nordista Freeze? Well, he’s a self-proclaimed Nashville psych-pop artist who’s played over 500 shows over the course of five years. Yep, sounds like another Sydney laptop-guy show. E Rawq opens at 9 p.m. $15.

Meanwhile, Omaha pop-rock project The Real Zebos headlines on Slowdown’s main room stage tonight. Beachmont opens at 8. $20.

Sunday, Southern indie metal band Baroness plays at The Waiting Room. The band has been releasing their albums on their own label, Abraxan Hymns, since 2015. Riffs and arena-rock harmonies abound. Wayfarer and Empire State Bastard open at 8 p.m. $35. 

Meanwhile, down at The Admiral Theater, hardcore punk legend Henry Rollins is doing a his spoken word show Sunday night. It’s a comedy set where he tells stories about life on the road.  $40. This is a seated show and starts at 8 p.m. 

That’s all I got. If I missed your show, put it on the schedule. Have a great weekend. 

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New Supermoon LP (Jake & Morgan), hanging out with Rollins; Mars House debut tonight; new Lewsberg…

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by Tim McMahan,

Ugh, there’s not a lot of music news to pass along, and the few things I do have you probably already know or heard, but this being Friday and the space where I usually recommend live shows for the weekend, I feel obligated to pass along something.

Despite the lockdown I continue to get 30 to 40 emails a day from promoters and labels about new music. It continues to keep coming, god bless it, even though there’s nowhere for these bands to play these days. If I were a band I’d probably postpone my release, however the other argument is that you’ll never have such a captive audience as the ones stranded in their homes for the next month or so (that’s right, I have doomed us all to quarantine until at least May 10 (if we’re lucky)).

Supermoon, Half Country (2020, Bandcamp)

Among the music to cross my screen is the new lyric video for Supermoon’s “Come to Learn,” which dropped last Tuesday. Supermoon is a project featuring Jake Bellows, who you remember not only as a one-man songwriting phenomenon but also frontman to Saddle Creek Records act Neva Dinova. Singing alongside Jake and making up the better half of the duo is Morgan Nagler of Whispertown. This campfire lullaby begs you to sing along, too.

And thus, the entire album was released: “The debut album ‘Half Country’ was recorded to half-inch tape and produced by Nik Freitas, who also contributed on drums, bass, and keys. In the surreal soup of the Covid-19 Pandemic wild west, the band has decided to release the album April 7, 2020’s biggest Supermoon, (the Pink Supermoon) in the hopes of shining a little light in the dark.”

Here it is, via Bandcamp.

It would be great to get these two and Mr. Freitas came to Omaha after the cloud of contaminants has lifted.

* * *

I’ve been consuming in 30- to 40-minute chunks the 4-hour Henry Rollins podcast via KCRW called Cool Quarantine. It’s Henry playing records (lots of hardcore punk but also rock and other stuff) and telling stories and I love the format, but it’s hard to have on while you’re trying to do something (other than drive or run or work out) because it’s so distracting. Check it out below.

* * *

Speaking of online content, Phoebe Bridgers is doing some sort of livestream via Pitchfork’s Instagram today (Friday) at 3 p.m. CT. She dropped a new video last and has a new record coming out soon.

* * *

As you may or may not know, the Mars Bar located way out in West Omaha closed its doors for good weeks before COVID struck and shut down everyone else. Despite the setback, proprietor Brent Malnack hasn’t lost his love for live music, and thus created Live from Mars House, a new live stream performance program that debuts tonight at 7 p.m. via Twitch.

Brent is promising a three-camera shoot with a 24-track live mix. The first guests are N8 M Sic and Sarah Brandt, two musicians I’m not familiar with. That said, Malnack said future guests will include a lot of past performers at Mars Bar. Here’s the link.

* * *

Let me leave you with something I’ve been listening to for the past few weeks. It’s the new album by Lewsberg called In This House (12XU Records). Think Lou Reed meets Silver Jews meets your favorite Rotterdam deli. As good a soundtrack as any for these times we live in.

That’s all I got. If you hear anything worth passing along, send it my way. Have a great weekend…

* * *

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