Another possible music performance option in Benson? Theatre celebrates ‘Grand Reveal’; Bellum Boca tonight…

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Rendition of the Benson Theater, revealed last night.

Rendition of the Benson Theatre, revealed last night.

by Tim McMahan,

Based on the presentations made last night at PS Collective and a quick walk-through of the building, the Benson Theatre could become another impressive option for rock shows.

The organization behind the renovation of the theater, located next door to the Pizza Shop in Benson, reviewed blueprints of the facility, artist mock-ups of the floor plan and played a virtual-tour video that showed how the theater will look once it’s open.

Rendering of the interior of Benson Theater, shot inside Benson Theater last night.

Rendering of the interior of Benson Theatre, on display last night inside Benson Theatre.

With a capacity of around 225, tiered seating and booths as well as room on the floor in front of the stage, the theater reminded me of a smaller version of the Rococo in Lincoln. And despite plans for having a full performance calendar, the theater will have some capacity for other programming; one would assume that would include rock shows.

But any grand opening is likely years away. Organizers say that so far the non-profit has raised half of the $2.5 million budget that would cover all construction expenses plus six months of operating costs. Among the list of supporters were some big names, including Conor Oberst and Alexander Payne.

How long will it take them to raise the other half of the needed cash? Who knows. Organizers said construction wouldn’t begin until their goal amount is raised. Find out more about the Benson Theater project (and get involved) at

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Tonight at fabulous O’Leaver’s Chicago band Bellum Boca headlines. The band recently played with Cursive. Bed Rest opens. $5, 9:30 p.m.

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