Waiting for something to happen; Trap Room series continues w/Pony Creek, McCarthy Trenching, more…

Category: Blog — @ 12:40 pm February 19, 2021
Here’s what we were doing last year around this time — SUSTO at Slowdown Jr., Feb. 24, 2020.

It seems like forever since I’ve updated ol’ Lazy-i but it’s only been a couple weeks. Work has gotten the better of me lately and I haven’t been able to get around to posting updates. So there’s that and the fact that there’s just not a heckova lot going on music-wise in Omaha.

If you watch the COVID numbers as closely as I do, you’re hopeful that at least some local shows will begin popping up here in there. But even if there had been some shows in this past week, who would have been crazy enough to go out in Ice Station Zebra weather?

I’m told the venues are willing to booking local bands, but that the bands are still skittish about going back on stage. I guess I can’t blame them. But people are getting desperate to get back out and into the clubs. Yeah, maybe we’d be pushing it, but by now we’ve all gotten used to wearing masks and know what to do and not to do in public settings. Here’s hoping something happens soon…

. * * * .

While we wait for local shows to return, The Trap Room is continuing its livestream series shot from Omaha’s favorite hole-in-the-wall located across from The Slowdown. Your host, Dan Brennan, is one of the best sound guys in Omaha, so the sound quality of these shows is better than anything you’re going to hear on broadcast TV.

This Sunday’s Trap Room stream features the country twangin’ of Pony Creek featuring Dan Olson and Ryan Osbahr. The stream starts at 8 p.m. and you can watch it for free via Facebook Live by following The Trap Room Facebook page (right here).

Next week, The Trap Room presents McCarthy Trenching, whose latest album, Perfect Game, is one of my recent faves. That one streams Feb. 28 at 8 p.m.

Here’s the rest of the Trap Room streaming-show line-up:

March 7 — Andrew Bailie and Aly Peeler

March 14 – Blue Moon Ghetto

March 21 – Steady Wells

March 28 — Hartford/Focht

That’s all I got. Have a great weekend.

* * *

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