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Cover art of Matt Whipkey’s new album, Best New Music. He launched a Pledge Music drive this morning for the album.

by Tim McMahan, Lazy-i.com

This past February I mentioned a new-ish Kickstarter-type site called Pledge Music. Pledge is truly music-focused (unlike Kickstarter which is wide open to any offer), and is more of a pre-sale website with some monster users, including Willie Nelson, Weird Al and Nelly Furtado.

Well, the first local Pledge campaign (that I’m aware of) went live this morning. It’s for Matt Whipkey’s two new LPs, Best New Music and Driver. People can pre-order both albums from Whipkey’s PledgeMusic site as well as purchase other premiums, such as a private live band performance ($3,000), online music lessons ($125), even a Whipkey-exclusive Uber ride anywhere in Omaha ($125).

“I have been beyond impressed with Pledge Music’s support for artists, it has been awesome working with them,” Whipkey said. “Their client list speaks for itself, Fleetwood Mac, Hold Steady, Deer Tick, etc., so many great artists. To me, it feels like it is more about the music itself rather than the ‘@e are running out time; give us all your money’ aspect. Although, don’t get me wrong, it is about that as well 🙂 Please, we need your dough, you have no idea how expensive this shit is lol.”

Some people frown upon Kickstarter and these types of websites. I think they’re a necessary evil and a reflection of a modern music industry that is less willing to take chances on new artists. How else is an unsigned band going to release new vinyl without taking a huge financial risk?

Whipkey is hosting a listening party tomorrow night at Hi-Fi House, where you can get a sneak preview of Best New Music and Driver. And score free booze. 7 to 10 p.m. You an also check out some tracks from BNM below:

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