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Low, filmed last week on Later with Jools Holland.

Low, filmed last week on Later with Jools Holland.

by Tim McMahan,

Is it a surprise or just a sad reflection of the current state of our indie music scene that tonight’s Low concert at tiny Reverb Lounge has yet to sell out (at least not at the time of this writing)? I bought my tickets the moment the show was announced, assuming that it would sell out in, oh, a few days. But here we are on the day of the show and it’s still not sold out. How can that be possible?

Here are five good reasons why you should go to tonight’s Low show at Reverb:

1. They’re Living Legends — The Duluth trio is one of the best, most influential indie bands of all time (Sigur Ros, Pinback, Cat Power are among those whose sound can be traced back to them). They invented a style of rock that emphasizes the emptiness between notes, with slow, deliberate tempos and hushed, spare melodies. The result is intense and darkly dramatic, both chilling and heartbreaking, but yes, they also rock. Hard. Frontman/guitarist Alan Sparhawk knows how to shred a guitar like no other.

2. Their new album rocks. Ones and Sixes (Sub Pop, 2015) is another classic collection of songs that epitomizes Low’s simple, dramatic style. Pitchfork gave it a 7.8, and compared it to one of their all-time classics, The Great Destroyer (Sub Pop, 2005). It is, indeed, gorgeous. For long-time fans, the biggest difference on this new album is the addition of electronics — sometimes just static, sometimes merely tones — that add another layer to their music’s dark sheen.

The breakdown of last night's setlist performed at

The breakdown by album of last night’s setlist performed at First Ave.

3. The set list will be epic —  Check out the setlist from last night’s show at First Ave. No doubt we’ll get something similar tonight. In addition to being front-loaded with songs off Ones and Sixes, Low played songs from six of their classic albums.

4.  The Venue — This is happening within the intimate confines of Reverb Lounge, a room that holds slightly over 100 people but has one of the city’s best sound systems. You will be engulfed by this band’s amazing music and close enough to see the love sparks between Sparhawk and his wife and band co-vocalist Mimi Parker.

5. They are absolutely amazing live — I’ve seen this band three or four times, and can guarantee that those who are in attendance tonight are in for a concert they likely will remember for the rest of their lives. No doubt it will land on your list of “shows of the year’ for 2015.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this show sells out eventually. Get your tickets now before it does. $20. Andy Shauf opens at 9 p.m. Don’t miss it.

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