#TBT: We hardly knew ye: local clubs, restaurants and music stores circa March 23, 2004; Oquoa, Miniature Horse tonight…

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by Tim McMahan, Lazy-i.com

With nothing in particular going on news-wise today, let’s step into the Wayback Machine and pull up this Lazy-i blog post from 11 years ago, March 23, 2004 to be exact. How many of these clubs and restaurants did you frequent and how many are gone now?

From Lazy-i, March 23, 2004: Because I’m often asked this question… 

The 49'r

The iconic sign for The 49’r…

For whatever reason, I’m constantly getting e-mails from national promotions/labels/media marketing companies, etc., asking me to point out local clubs, restaurants and music stores. Who knows why. Maybe it’s a backlash to all the national attention we’ve been getting as part of the “booming Omaha scene.” Anyway, I got another request from a largish music promotions company yesterday. After I wrote the reply, I figured I might as well post the info on the blog for others who may be after this sort of info. Most of you will disagree with my picks, but, hey, I don’t care.

Here’s what I wrote:

Live bars
Sokol Underground, 13th & Martha — You’re probably already aware of these guys, who go by 1 Percent productions. They book the place. www.onepercentproductions.com. Indie ground zero.
O’Leaver’s, 1322 So. Saddle Creek Rd. They take most of the Sokol Underground overflow — one of the places that bands play that can’t draw 300 people. It’s capacity is around 100. Aveo is there tonight. Tilly and the Wall played there a month or so ago. My new favorite hangout. Check out their horrible website: www.oleavers.com
The 49’r, 49th and Dodge St. Another smallish club for indie music, w/capacity at around 150. A good live music vibe, maybe the best in town for interested crowds (not so for singer/songwriters — Owen (of Joan of Arc fame) played there once and was drowned out by chit-chat). www.the49r.com
The Ranch Bowl, 1600 S. 72nd St. Omaha’s oldest still-operating venue, they book mostly hardcore and goon-rock acts, but also do the occasional indie show, for example, the Starlight Mints play there tonight. 1 Percent’s arch rival. www.ranchbowl.com/
Sullivan’s Bar, 40th & Farnam. Small bar that occasionally hosts unannounced shows by Creek-related acts. Consafos and Son, Ambulance recently played there.
Mick’s, 59th & Maple, a folkie singer/songwriter hangout that also does jazz. www.micksomaha.com/
— The brand new Goofy Foot Lounge at 10th & Pacific. It hosted the Simon Joyner CD release show last week — he’s a local singer/songwriter icon that influenced the Saddle Creek crew.

Non-live bars

— The Brothers Lounge, 3812 Farnam. It’s become famous as thee indie drinking hangout, thanks to having the best jukebox in town that plays a lot of local indie/punk along with ’90s punk classics. Where everyone goes when there isn’t a show. Owners are local legends.
The Homy Inn, 1510 No. Saddle Creek. A neighborhood hole-in-the-wall that attracts scenesters. Tiny. Cold Duck on tap. Peanuts in dog bowls. You get the picture.

Record stores

–The Antiquarium, 1215 Howard St. Arguably the home of indie/punk records and CDs. Home of Dave Sink, local music impresario often credited for nurturing the scene in the ’90s.
Drastic Plastic, 1209 Howard St. Great punk/indie music store on the Old Market’s main strip.
Homer’s, three Omaha locations, including one in the Old Market. Independently owned/operated local music store chain with the largest selection of music in Omaha.


I don’t eat out much, but when I do, I go to:
Trini’s in the Old Market, 1020 Howard St. — best Mexican in town
The Indian Oven in the Old Market, 1010 Howard St. — best Indian in town
LaCasa, 4432 Leavenworth St. — best pizza in town
The Rice Bowl, 505 N. Saddle Creek. — best Chinese in town
Trovato’s, 5013 Underwood — Italian/pizza all-around hang-out in the neighborhood

MJ Java, 1299 Farnam
13th St. Coffee Shop, 509 So. 13th St.
Mojo’s, 4826 Dodge St.
Blue Line, 4924 Underwood
Caffeine Dreams, 4524 Farnam

Popular restaurants I don’t eat at because I don’t dig the cuisine:
The Greek Isles, 3821 Center. Greek, but I’m told it’s still good.
McFoster’s, 302 So. 38th St. A popular veg place.

The scene certainly has changed a lot in a decade.

* * *

It’s the final night of Oquoa’s residency at fabulous O’Leaver’s. The band has been playing there all weekend, and now their time is up. Joining them tonight will be the amazing Miniature Horse and James Maakestad. $5, 9:30 p.m. Really, you should go.

Also tonight is a fundraiser at The Barley Street Tavern called Songwriters for Autism Awareness. Your $5 cover will go t  the Golden Hat Foundation (http://www.goldenhatfoundation.org/). Among those taking the stage:

Ash Trenhaile
Brad Hoshaw Music
Dan Quinn
Daniel Burns
Dominique Morgan
Jacob Radley Duncan
Jason Norman Wellsandt-Musician/Artist
Jeff Dworkin
Jeremy Mercy
Joe Watson Music
Kait Berreckman Music
Mace Hathaway Music Page
Michael J. Fillmore
Sam Burt – Music
Scott Evans
Scott Severin
Stephen Monroe

Show starts at 8 p.m.

* * *

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