Night 1 of Cursive at The Waiting Room tonight; Bright Eyes X-mas gets the Pitchfork treatment (rating: 7.0)…

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by Tim McMahan,

Cursive’s three-night stand at The Waiting Room begins tonight. They’re calling it a “residency,” though it’s really just three dates booked at the club to record a possible live album. Let’s face it, there will have to be something releasable after three nights, right? I’m told Megan Siebe (Anniversiare) and Chris Machmuller (So-So Sailors, Ladyfinger) will be joining them on stage playing cello and saxophone respectively. I’m not sure exactly what we’ll hear tonight or how it will proceed, but it should be a lot of fun. Kevin Coffey has some detes here at

For those who can’t afford $30 for the three-day pass or separate cover for three shows, the prime question is which show to attend. Tonight’s ain’t a bad choice. InDreama is Nik Fackler’s (Icky Blossoms) psych rock project that includes renowned bass-slinger Dereck Higgins. Every InDreama show is a unique experience; tonight’s should be no exception, especially considering the band hasn’t played live in months.

The other opener, Lightning Bug, is a post-punk band in the Modest Mouse vein . Check a track out below.

Tickets to tonight’s show are still available for $12 (and you can still buy that 3-night pass for $30 and save!). Show start at 9. Bundle up and head out.

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Pitchfork today reviewed Bright Eyes, A Christmas Album, giving it a respectable 7.0 rating. Read the review here. The nut sentence: “(The album) often sounds like a field recording from chilly church basements or the dark, flat expanses of the Midwestern plains, barren, frozen, howling winds in the distance and the occasional flicker of light coming from Christmas decorations.” Pretty much sums it up for me, too. I got a copy of this CD when it was first released in 2002. It’s a fun novelty, but not something I’d play at a company Christmas party. There’s something slightly depressing about indie rock Christmas records, and this one is no exception…

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