Maria Taylor’s new album drops today (so does Arcade Fire’s); Scott Severin tonight…

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by Tim McMahan,

Lost amidst all the hub-bub about Arcade Fire’s release of Reflektor today is the fact that Maria Taylor’s new one, Something About Knowing, also dropped via Saddle Creek Records. I didn’t receive a promo of this one for whatever reason, so like you I’m checking it out for the first time via the MSN Listening Booth. Very poppy. The reviews so far would have us believe it’s a collection of lullabies and/or reflections on motherhood. Still waiting for the big online pubs to come out with their reviews, but here’s All Music‘s and some smaller pubs’ reactions:

All Music gave it 3.5 stars. From the review: “...retains many of the hazy dream pop undertones that informed her earlier work, while introducing a more streamlined, radio-ready patina…

Best Fit gave it 5 out of 10. From the review: “…While it would be cruel to compare this release to sitting through 40 minutes of a stranger showing you baby pictures, that might be the most potent warning for those unaware of what awaits them here…

Shakefire gave it an A. From the review: “...Highly recommended for those in the mood for a relaxing, uplifting journey…

The Skinny gives it 3 out of 5 stars. From the review: “…the pram in the hall as the enemy of good art. Those with a metaphorical sweet tooth, however, will find much to savour…

Flipside Reviews gives it 8 out of 10. From the review: “Whilst still retaining the dream-pop essence of yore, Taylor has successfully redesigned the template for radio-friendly pop without resorting to cheap electronics or anything more subversive than slipping in a drum-machine here and there.”

* * *

Meanwhile, Reflektor is up on Spotify, where I’ll listen to it this afternoon. Pitchfork when apeshit over it yesterday (a 9. 2, here), which is all it takes these days. Well, that and the mega media blitz the band is currently undergoing, from The Colbert Report to SNL to NPR.

* * *

Scott Severin is doing a set tonight at The Barley Street opening for Michael Wunder and the Uninspired along with John Larsen. Severin grew up in New York City during a time when Lou Reed was very much on the scene. Expect some sort of tribute to Lou by Severin during his set, which makes it more than worth the $5 cover. 9 p.m.

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