Will this Sunday’s Ty Segall show tank?; Red City Radio tonight…

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by Tim McMahan, Lazy-i.com

Have you heard about the Ty Segall show happening at Sokol Underground Sunday night? No? You’re not alone.

I’ve seen very little online about the show. The Reader will be publishing a feature in tomorrow’s issue, and I have no doubt that Kevin at The OWH also will put something together for The Go! about the show, but by then it could be an afterthought to fans who (like me) would have had to had made plans to go. Sunday night shows are a struggle for those who have to be up bright and early the next day for school or work or whatever.

I’m taking Monday morning off for this show. Ty Segall is one of the hottest garage/psych rock bands in the country, a guy who is continually putting out new and interesting music, and who is arguably at the height of his game. This show would be sold out already in a lot of other markets. As evidence, this from NYC Taper: “On Friday (Feb, 1), Ty Segall sold out Webster Hall. This was not a soft sell out — tickets prices were inflated five times over on various secondary markets for weeks before the show.” Of course, this means nothing in Omaha.

I point a long, crooked finger directly at Slow Burn Productions, the company bringing in Ty Segall and a number of other interesting shows, including last night’s Growlers/Jaill show at The Slowdown (which I didn’t attend) and tonight’s Red City Radio show. I’m guessing that these shows aren’t cheap to book. Tickets for Ty Segall are $16.59 after convenience fees (here at etix) — that’s pricey for a band that’s not well known in this market. You’d think that Slow Burn would be canvas-bombing every square inch of the Internet trying to drum up interest.

A music colleague pointed out another reason why this show is under the radar: It’s not a One Percent Production. One Percent does a pretty good job of getting the word out about their shows via Social Media and, of course, the One Percent Productions website, which is a go-to spot for a lot of local music fans searching for show info. For many of them, if it’s not listed at the One Percent website, it’s not happening.

Which begs the question: Where’s the Slow Burn Productions website? Why, it’s right here at slowburnomaha.com. Unfortunately, the first thing you see when you go there is a bunch of anonymous, unmarked photos instead of a clear, easy to read calendar (and why is every listing dated Nov. 8, 2012? Confusing).  And as a person who follows Slow Burn in Facebook, why haven’t they been blasting this show on their timeline/newsfeed? Simple shit that would make all the difference.

The reason I’m busting Slow Burn’s balls is because I want them to succeed. They’re bringing in some amazing shows — shows that One Percent either didn’t know about or passed on. Without them, we may not be getting to see bands like Ty Segall in Omaha. So come on, guys, get your shit together. I want this show to sell out.

One other thing about Sunday night’s show at Sokol Underground: I’m told that opening band Digital Leather has something very special up its sleeve for this performance. You won’t want to miss it. Get your tix now.

Here’s a taste of Ty Segall from last Friday night’s show at Webster Hall:

* * *

As mentioned above, Oklahoma punk band Red City Radio plays tonight at The Slowdown with Broadway Calls, Silver Snakes and The Renfields. $10, 9 p.m.

* * *

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