UUVVWWZ Vs. Huey Lewis tonight; Mortals Friday; Canada Day benefit Sunday…

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by Tim McMahan, Lazy-i.com

Huey, in better days...

Huey, in better days...

Imagine how much fun it would have been if UUVVWWZ had been chosen to open tonight’s Huey Lewis & the News concert in Memorial Park. It could have been the ultimate punk rock video moment: Place video cameras throughout the crowd and capture the reaction the moment Double U goes on stage and begins playing, say, “Jap Dad” or “Hum Jam” — the crowd looking up from their soiled blankets, from their cheap fold-into-a-bag lawn chairs, from the long, clenched lines in front of the electric-blue porta-johns to say “what the f***’s this noise?” Shots of children crying, covering their ears and angry parents calling the Mayor’s office to see “whose bright idea it was to book this band of art degenerates.” Shots of people chanting “Huey! Huey! Huey!” and “Get off the f***ing stage!” Shots of drunks throwing half-empty Miller Lite cans. And while all that’s going on, a small crowd of kids and hipsters and the rest of us forming a pit up front, oblivious to everything going on around them, knowing better… And as the song concludes and the band strolls off stage with waves and thumbs up and “We love you Omaha,” the UU fans turn and walk out of the park before HL&TN launches their tired set of suburban diaper music.

Ah, it would have been a helluva rock video.

Instead, a couple unknown, out-of-town yee-haw acts will be opening for Mr. Biggest Cock in Rock and his crew of geriatrics, and maybe that’s for the best because no one gives a shit who opens that show. The only thing they’ll be waiting for in the sauna-like heat is “The Power of Love” and the fireworks. Channel 7 says the blanket count this morning was the largest in Memorial Park Concert History! As for me, I’ll be taking my usual position tonight, sitting on the front porch, shotgun across my knees, staring down the youngsters walking past my house with a sour eye thinking almost out loud “Just keep on walking, human trash can.”

But I keed… I love the concert in the park. Really…

But I love UUVVWWZ more, and so will you when you swing by The Slowdown tonight for their curated Maha Music Festival / Hear Nebraska showcase featuring Dirty Talker and Bus Gas. It starts at 9 and is absolutely free.

What else is going on this weekend?

Skypiper is playing at The Barley Street Tavern tonight with Anniversaire, Gentleman Savage and Diamonds for Eyes. I’m guessing $5 and 9 p.m.

And how about this for an out-of-the-box evening: New Lungs is playing at The Marylebone — yes, that Marlylebone — with 3D Jupiter, Swamp Walk and Sean Fagen. It’s free and starts at 9. More info here.

Tomorrow afternoon it’s another installment of Songs at Shop featuring Slumber Party Records bands performing at the Saddle Creek Record Shop downtown in the Slowdown complex. Featured artists are Mortals (John Svatos of Noah’s Ark Is a Spaceship) and Noah Sterba (of The Yuppies). Music starts at 3 p.m. and it’s free.

Finally, The Waiting Room is hosting a benefit for Heartland Family Service this Sunday where the bands will be covering music by Canadian artists. Among the performers: The Whipkey Three, Vago, Midwest Dilemma, Gerald Lee (Filter Kings), Korey Anderson, Lesbian Bus Crash, and 24 Hour Cardlock. $8, early 7 p.m. start.

What did I miss? Post ’em in the comments area. Have a good weekend!

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  • New Lungs at Marley Bone and Filter Kings at Alderman’s. Leavenworth is the new Benson!

    Comment by MarQ — June 29, 2012 @ 1:07 pm

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