Smashing Pumpkins (SOLD OUT), McCarthy Trenching, Lincoln Calling tonight…

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by Tim McMahan,

Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan

What’s worse than hearing someone go on and on about what a fantastic time they had on their vacation? Hearing someone go on and on about the fantastic vacation they’re about to go on. Especially when you’re stuck in this landlocked town with no money and no escape.

So I guess it doesn’t do you any good to hear about tonight’s Smashing Pumpkins show at The Slowdown when it’s very likely you don’t have a ticket. The concert sold out in about one minute flat when the $50 tickets went on sale a couple weeks ago. That said, still lists tickets available for $55 (plus fees). What you’ll get for your money is Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan surrounded by three strangers playing SP hits along with new new(er) material. One could argue that it’s not Smashing Pumkins at all; one could also argue that Corgan IS Smashing Pumpkins. Regardless, it’ll still be special to hear a classic ’90s performer in a space as intimate as Slowdown’s big room.

Openers are Fancy Space People, a glitter rock band on the Star Tone label (owned by Smashing Pumpkins producer Kerry Brown), and LA by way of Chicago band Light FM. 8 p.m. start time.

If you’re going to the show (or even if you’re not going to the show), stop by the Slowdown complex early for the McCarthy Trenching in-store at Saddle Creek Shop at 7 p.m. Dan’s new album, Fresh Blood (Slumber Party Records) will be available for your purchase. Check out McCarthy Trenching’s new video for “Oh Nancy” here at the Love Drunk website.

And let’s not forget that Lincoln Calling kicks off this evening. For details, go to or read my write-up from a couple weeks ago.

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