Back from the beach; Bright Eyes will make more records (probably); Primus in Benson 5/28…

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by Tim McMahan,

I’m back from beautiful Providenciales, tanned, rested and ready to go.

A couple random notes from the inbox…. ran an item today where Conor Oberst tries to put to bed the ongoing question as to whether there’s going to be another Bright Eyes album. This exchange was at the end of the Q&A:

Will Bright Eyes make another record?

Conor Oberst: We have no plans right now. But I guess it’s not that unusual because we just finished one.

Mike Mogis: I think it’ll come up more naturally. “Oh, I have these new songs let’s do something with them.”

CO: Let’s just agree right now.

MM: We’ll make another record?

CO: What do you guys say?

[Band members shake hands]

The interaction was as silly as the initial premise that there wouldn’t be another Bright Eyes album, when Oberst is Bright Eyes and will continue to work with fellow BE members Mogis and Nate Walcott in one form or another regardless of the name of the project. That said, somewhere the folks at Saddle Creek Records are breathing a sigh of relief. Everyone knew Conor would continue to write and record music, but none of his non-BE stuff is released on The Creek. Far and away, Bright Eyes is the label’s only remaining cash cow (in addition to the crown jewels’ back catalog sales). The release of The People’s Key may be enough to give Saddle Creek a year-over-year increase in revenue when compared to 2010, which would be a miracle in these days of record industry decline. Even with their golden goose safely within the stable, Saddle Creek needs to find another Bright Eyes to add to its roster…

* * *

Experimental gronk noise-band shitmeisters Primus, who hasn’t released a decent song since “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver” back in 1991, announced its summer headlining tour today, and among the dates is a May 28 show at “Downtown Benson St.” No idea what that means unless it’s another Benson street gig similar to last summer’s Conor-fest held just outside of Jake’s on Military Ave. I’d love to say I’m looking forward to the show, but I can’t stand Primus. Maybe the folks at One Percent Productions will be able to find a slate of decent opening bands. Tix are $32.50!!

* * *

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