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Category: Blog — @ 12:42 pm February 25, 2010

Just posted, an interview with Talking Mountain. The band talks about their masks, their music and changing the lyrics to one of my favorite songs. Read the story here. Because of space limitations, I had to cut the ending — the part about money and touring — so here it is:

Instead of laying out multi-thousands on a recording, the band bought a ’98 Dodge Ram 2500 van to replace their ’94 Econoline. They’re ready for the road, but only the one that leads to neighboring states.

“I have a day job, Dan goes to school and Brad is unemployed,” Meyer-Cusack said. “I have a mortgage and a wife and a dog, and I need a steady way of paying those bills. I’ve been in bands that have gone on tours, but weekday shows are a total bust in Omaha, and that goes for everywhere else. Touring is a huge, noble thing and awesome when you do it, but unless you have a solid following, i don’t know how viable it is. We’re building a decent audience within our circle in the Midwest, and can come back home after the tour with money in our pockets.”

That’s saying a lot these days. Talking Mountain has been one of my favorites since I first saw the band a few years ago stumbling around the Slowdown stage beneath those loveable monster masks, and their 12-inch will likely be on my list of top recordings at the end of the year. Read the article, then go down to Slowdown Jr. tonight and check them out for free as part of Slowdown’s free-Thursday series. Openers are the labelmates Honeybee and punkers Flesh Eating Skin Disease. Show starts at 9.

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