Addendum: OEA Prediction: Artist of the Year; NOMO tonight…

Category: Blog — @ 4:22 pm January 23, 2010

A reader pointed out on the Webboard that I forgot to include my pick and prediction for Artist of the Year in yesterday’s blog entry. Oops. The nominees are Black Squirrels, Brad Hoshaw & the Seven Deadlies, Cursive, It’s True and Little Brazil. My guess is that Little Brazil will squeak by with the win, mainly because they weren’t nominated in many other categories despite making the best album of their career. I voted for Cursive, who had a breakthrough year with their new album, their ongoing national (and international) tour and their appearance on Late Night with David Letterman. We’ll find out Sunday night.

I didn’t make it out to The Waiting Room grand re-opening last night as I’m still on the mend and the idea of standing up for more than an hour didn’t seem like a good one. I’ll get my introduction to the new room tonight when NOMO takes the stage with Satchel Grande. Tix are $10, show starts at 9.

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