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Category: Blog — @ 8:28 pm September 24, 2009

Just posted, an interview with Amazing Baby frontman Will Roan. He talks about the band’s first headlining tour, musical influences (among them, T.Rex — no surprise) and the making of their latest album. Read it here.

They’ve got a huge amount of buzz surrounding them, considering that they’ve been around less than two years. I mentioned this to Roan, who was quick to point out that they’ve all been in other bands. He says their quick rise to national attention has more to do with hard work. “I’ve been playing music since high school, and everyone else for longer than that,” Roan said, “and we’ve never worked as hard as we have on this project.”

It doesn’t hurt to have a label like Shangri-La Music, the same label that also released the Monsters of Folk album. “They are a new label that has a lot of hard-working strong music lovers and lot of energy at their disposal, so to speak,” Roan said. “They’re interested in trying to keep music alive, where I think a lot of labels that have been around for awhile don’t know their asses from their elbows.” Maybe so, but it also doesn’t hurt that the owner of Shangri-La is a multi-millionaire who appears to be doing this for the fun of it. I pointed this out to Roan, and didn’t get any arguments.

None of that is in the story. Also missing is the routine question about Omaha. Roan has never been here before, but has some connections. “I got kicked out of a band that had Willy Mason in it,” he said. “His brother, Sam (Mason) was in one of my first bands, too. Willy signed to Team Love at the time Bright Eyes was really big. SPIN had just done a huge article on Saddle Creek in 2003 when I was a freshmen in college. And Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (who just signed to Saddle Creek) is a close friend of mine from Brooklyn. I always have a beer with him before I go away on tour. I know Omaha is kind of a speck on the radar of the world, but it’s had a huge impact.

Anyway, read the story, then go out and get your tickets to their show Sunday night at Slowdown Jr. It’s a mere $8.

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Tonight at O’Leaver’s, Boy Noises plays with San Francisco band Rademacher. $5, 9:30 p.m.

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