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Category: Blog — @ 5:47 pm June 5, 2009

Looks like all the good shows are on Saturday night as I can’t find a thing to do tonight (Brothers, here I come).

Tomorrow starts off in the afternoon (4 p.m.) with the “youth concert” in Memorial Park featuring Brad Hoshaw and the Seven Deadlies, Mal Madrigal and Sarah Benck, leading up to the headliner, Gomez. The price is right — it’s free. The current forecast calls for a 70 percent chance of rain Saturday morning with afternoon thunderstorms and a 40 percent chance of rain tomorrow night. Better bring your poncho.

As is always the case, people were bitching the other night at the show about how bad a choice Gomez was for this concert, and how the band is virtually unknown to the so-called “youth” that’s being targeted. In fact, among the group of music-loving folks I was talking to, all had heard Gomez music before, but not a single one could name a Gomez song (I was able to name their cover of The Beatles “Getting Better,” which was used for a Phillips light bulb commercial way back in 2000 — their only mainstream claim to fame).

If the weather ends up being nice, people will show up for this concert anyway if only because it’s something to do — not because they want to see Gomez. Even a slight threat of rain could be enough to convince people to find something else to do Saturday afternoon/night. Here’s hoping — with a new mayor in power — that we have a better headliner next year. As for you opening bands — better watch your tongues. Remember what happened to Tim Kasher last year when he decided to voice his political views from stage. You don’t want the once-powerful Omaha World-Herald to come down on you like a ton of shit, do you? (By the way, judging by the outcome of the election, Kasher got the last laugh).

* * *

After Gomez, head down to Slowdown Jr. for Minneapolis band The Starlight Mints with The Evangelicals. $10, 9 p.m. Also Saturday night, O’Leaver’s is hosting Capgun Coup with Jake Bellows, Porlolo and Andrew Ancona. $5, 9:30 p.m.

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