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The Reader published another handful of micro CD reviews in this week’s issue. Among them, my micro-take on the new one by Noah’s Ark Was a Spaceship:

Noah’s Ark Was a Spaceship, My Name Is What Is Your Name (Slumber Party) — Even their own literature says that they’re a product of ’80s/’90s “alternative rock,” so call them an unabashed post-post-punk band, which is something to be proud of in an era of post-chamber/folk/country rock. The guitars are chiming (and loud), the simple rhythm section is core (and loud), the vocals slur and scream (and yes, are loud). The six-song EP spans nearly 28 minutes and may bring to mind chunky, brittle, early Nirvana, but more likely mid-’90s bands like Rodan, Polvo, Zoom and Slant 6. Take it from someone who was there: These guys know what they’re doing. Lazy-i Rating: Yes. Reader Rating: 3.5 stars.

Other CDs that were reviewed include the new ones by Little Brazil, Beep Beep and Cursive (All three would have received a “Yes” rating from me). Pick up a copy of The Reader and check them out.

* * *

Homer’s Records Major Domo Mike Fratt wrote in yesterday to say that Week 2 sales numbers dropped for Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band’s Outer South. The breakdown: 4,926 physical copies sold, good enough for No. 94 on the Billboard album charts, and 866 digital sales for No. 117 on the digital charts. After two weeks of release, Outer South has sold around 25,000 copies, which Fratt said is below what Oberst’s done before, but is still “quite impressive.” Fratt thinks Oberst is losing his traditional “emo kids” audience and gaining new, older Triple-A fans. “These ‘older’ fans are not as street-date driven and take longer to discover and make a purchase decision,” he said. If true, that would be good news for Oberst, who was tagged with the emo label from the age of 14. Now that he’s pushing 30, it’s time to shed it once and for all.

* * *

The opening line-up has been announced for Cursive’s June 17 show at Box Awesome in Lincoln. The bands are local heroes Box Elders and Lincoln’s Ideal Cleaners. I’m told that Cursive was presented with larger venue options for the Lincoln show, but insisted on Box Awesome even though the venue’s capacity is a mere 250. Tickets are $13, and should go quickly.

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