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Category: Blog — @ 6:44 pm February 10, 2009

There was no update yesterday because of a mechanical breakdown of the ol’ Sidekick. In fact, I thought it was going to start on fire. The tow-truck/repair scenario wiped out my lunch hour, but ol’ trusty is back and running again, and so is this here blog.

Some weekend thoughts — The Hyannis CD release show at Slowdown Friday night was well attended and the band sounded okay — kind of like a hippie band without the hippies. The CD’s liner notes indicate the band has four members plus a cello player, but I only counted three on stage during their set, and that might account for the overall hollowness. Their sound is more pleasantly filled-out on In a Car, their self-released LP that I’m listening to as I type this. They appear to be going for a yesteryear sound that falls somewhere between Syd-era Pink Floyd and The Stooges. Frontman Joey Bonacci has a voice that fits his first name — high, kinda quirky and unforgettable in a strange way. I would tell people who were at the show that they really need to check out the disc since it’s probably a more accurate portrayal of the band, but they all got free copies at the door so they already know this. I’d like to hear how Hyannis sounds with their full contingent.

We drove over to Pizza Shoppe Saturday night for dinner, and on stage in the room next door was the gospel choir that performed at the OEA’s. Unbelievably, they all fit on PS Collective’s stage and didn’t blow the lid off the room — nice background music for my garlic bread. We then drove down to Saddle Creek Bar for 49 Cents (both T and I follow UNO Mavericks basketball, and former power forward Ryan Curtis is in the band), but quickly discovered that instead of being first, that they were going to be last, and I knew we’d never make it to the end. When we left after the first set, I noticed that every table in SCB was filled. I also drove by the bar last Saturday night and saw that its parking lot was jammed. Has SCB finally turned the corner in attracting a crowd?

* * *

One Percent Productions announced a new batch of shows last night, the most interesting of which are Tricky March 15 at Slowdown, another Faint show March 31 at Sokol (come on guys, play somewhere else), and that Beep Beep release show at The Waiting Room April 4. The upcoming Conor show at Slowdown sold out over the weekend.

* * *

Anyone know if the Tim Kasher listed with the music credit on the film My Suicide (reviewed here) is that Tim Kasher?

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