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Before we get to tonight’s show schedule, here are a couple updates on items that ran this week in Lazy-i:

Jamie Massey, one of the new proprietors of The Sydney — the bar that’s taking over where Mick’s used to be (story here) — wrote to say that his new bar will indeed host live music.

“We will be doing some shows at some point … maybe not full-time like the Waiting Room, but keeping the option available since we have the means,” Massey said. He went on to explain that the name wasn’t derived from his love of Australia. “It was just an old bar in Sioux City that my grandparents would kick it at… For now we want to open as a place to hang out with decent prices and hopefully a good atmosphere.”

Jamie still hasn’t replied as to whether The Sydney will be serving Rolling Rock. Mick’s didn’t (and look what happened to it).

* * *

Chris Kramer, vocalist/guitarist in Stolen Kisses (reviewed here) and synth/guitar player in Talking Mountain, wrote to say that he’s moving to Chicago at the end of February and that this past Tuesday’s Darren Keen show was his last with Stolen Kisses. “I talked to the other guys in Stolen Kisses, and gave them my blessing to keep the band going,” he wrote. “I think we’ve created a good happening, and I’d hate to see it end just because I had to leave.”

Talking Mountain also will continue without Kramer, just as it did before he joined the band. His last show with TM will be next weekend at Box Awesome in Lincoln.

* * *

There are at least four good shows happening tonight. Here’s the run-down.

— The most crowded gig will be at O’Leaver’s tonight for Little Brazil and The Dinks. Will this be the first show since Har Mar where there’s a line outside the door of people waiting to get in? $5, 9:30 p.m.

— A night of indie is in store at The Barley St. Tavern tonight with It’s True, Oui Bandits, Adam Haug, Beati Paoli and Spring Acres. $5, 9 p.m.

— Greg Loftis and his band Malpais is playing tonight at Slowdown Jr. with Flight Metaphor. See if any of the Kevin Costner vibe from last night wears off on the set. $7, 9 p.m.

— Maybe the most interesting show of all is at The 49’r, where The Ettes are playing with Brimstone Howl. The Ettes are a New York trio with a garge-y sound that has toured with acts as diverse as New York Dolls, Holly Golightly, The Constantines, and The Black Keys. I’m digging their new album, Look at Life Again Soon. No idea on the cover. Show will probably start at around 9:30.

Saturday night is much quieter. The legendary Dereck Higgins is playing at The Barley St. with Paper Owls and Agronomo. $5, 9 p.m.

As for Sunday? My money’s on Arizona. Don’t let me down, Mr. Warner.

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