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Category: Blog — @ 7:46 pm September 16, 2008

Tonight at The Waiting Room, never-heard-of band The Reign of Kindo plays with Omaha’s Landing on the Moon. $7, 9 p.m. Blues guitarist Jonny Lang (who I also know nothing about) is playing at Slowdown. It’s yet another show (like last night’s Neko Case gig) that originally was scheduled for Sokol Auditorium but moved to Slowdown because of poor ticket sales. $27, 9 p.m. Note that both shows’ tickets exceeded the $20 price line. Is Omaha too cheap for these kinds of quality touring acts, or is it just “the economy, stupid”? I’ve been told by a number of folks that show attendance is down across the board, not only here but all over the country.

That’s all I got, except that personal writing messiah Robert Christgau just reviewed the Conor Oberst CD here. Christgau gave it an ‘A,’ which I think is the highest grade he’s ever given an Omaha band. Sayeth the Christgau:

It’s official. Forget Shins guy James Mercer, Spoon guy Britt Daniel, even Arcade Fire fraterfamilias Win Butler — this vibrato-prone romantic is the greatest melodist in contemporary mega-indie. Whatever his adult solo debut portends for once and future arranger Mike Mogis, the Saddle Creek cartel and his latest girlfriend(s?), its meaning is tunes, with beat enough to carry them forward and no other musical distractions. Unlike Mercer and Daniel, he’s about flow — intricacy is an occasional afterthought. Once in a while a guitar part backs up a tasty phrase, and when the time comes, someone in Bright Eyes will gracefully provide it. And oh yeah — the best song here, quite possibly the best song of his life, is basically a rocking refrain: “I Dont Want to Die (In the Hospital).”

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