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The crowd was only so-so last night at TWR, maybe 100 people? The biggest problem — few if any were in the stage room during the performances. Most hung out in the back by the bar, which is a real drag, especially for this kind of music. Five or six women were grooving on the dance floor during the Filter Kings’ set. The band’s new music seems to skew even more toward country / rock-a-billy than I remember. Even so, I don’t think you’ll be seeing them at Bushwacker’s anytime soon, though I’d love to see these two bands perform there. Maybe it was because they were stone sober or the fact that it was a benefit, but the Kings didn’t seem as break-neck buck-wild burn-the-place-down as I remember them at earlier shows. I know bands don’t appreciate this, but I like shows where there’s a tension coming off the stage that fuels the unexpected. When it comes to the Filter Kings, that means sheer exuberant energy bordering on bar-room brawl. Broken beer bottles. Women dancing on tables. The Bob’s Country Bunker scene from The Blues Brothers. That’s hard for any band to pull off, especially when you’re staring at an empty dance floor. I guess I should have helped things along by buying the band shots.

That same languid crowd energy seeped into FortyTwenty’s set. It was the first time I’ve seen these guys. They are unbelievably talented. They could go either way — straight-up country or straight-up country rock. Terrific musicians with terrific voices. I tried to imagine how they’d sound in a packed, drunken, steaming-hot room. Maybe next time.

* * *

Here are the Week Two numbers for Oberst/Faint, provided once again by Homer’s frontman Mike Fratt. Conor Oberst’s solo album moved another 11,077 copies last week, good enough for No. 40 on the Billboard charts. Of those, 3,813 were digital downloads. The Faint sold 3,618 copies of Fasciinatiion, moving the album to No. 172 on Billboard. Digital downloads of Fasciinatiion weren’t enough to chart, which means there were fewer than 1,300. Watch these numbers jump as the band continues to hit the road, including this Saturday at Sokol Auditorium. Anyone got a spare ticket?

* * *

Which brings us to the weekend.

Tonight at The Waiting Room it’s The Flobots with People Under the Stairs. This one sold out quite a while ago. 9 p.m.

Also, Cloven Path and The Shanks are playing at The 49’r tonight.

Saturday is Dundee Day. There will be the usual main stage set up across from the Dundee Dell featuring a slew of lame bands. Close your eyes and ears, walk past that noise, and go over to Dario’s where Dariofest will be happening once again. I’m told the line-up will be Shiver Shiver, Outlaw Con Bandana, Satchel Grande and a fourth TBA band. Sure, it’ll cost you something to get in, but both the music and the beer will be well worth it (and better than you’re going to get a few paces away). I’m not sure when this gets off the ground. If I find out, I’ll update this page.

Saturday night is, of course, The Faint at Sokol Auditorium. Opening is Matador band Jaguar Love and Gengis Tron. Starts at 8. If I can get on the list, I’ll give you a full report.

For those of us without tickets, there’s always O’Leaver’s, where The Lepers are playing with Actors & Actresses, Bazooka Shootout and Giants. $5, 9:30 p.m.

Indie band Fortnight (Ex-Park Ave member Jenn Bernard’s band) is playing at hole-in-the-wall-in-the-basement Benson club Incognito, 7024 Maple St. (under the One Lounge, check out their myspace page). 9 p.m. and absolutely free.

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