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Category: Blog — @ 7:42 pm March 5, 2008

One of the challenges faced by The Reader this week was how to handle the printing of the name Holy Fuck in its esteemed pages. Should they spell it out and let the chips fall where they may or alter the name in hopes of saving innocent minds from such a loathsome word? The final decision was the latter, and instead of Holy Fuck, you’ll see Holy F**k in the pages of this week’s Reader. The decision followed a similar approach taken by most other newspapers that featured the band (The most common approach was spelling it Holy F__k). Methinks the band finds the discussion over its name quite amusing.
Well, Lazy-i ain’t afraid of the letters U or C. Take a look for yourself, and while you’re at it, read about how the band formed, got its name and what it has in store for their show this coming Sunday (read it here). One little item of note that didn’t make it into the story: It’s nice to see a band that’s still thrilled by the little things, like Radiohead recently playing an HF track on BBC during their stint DJing a radio show in the UK. “Radiohead is one of my favorite bands,” said Holy Fuck’s Graham Walsh. “It was very surreal, very flattering to hear them even say our band’s name on the air. It was like ‘Wow, they know my band.’ That’s really cool. It’s certainly been a high point so far for the band.” He quickly added that the next high point will be playing again in Omaha.
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Tonight at The Waiting Room, it’s Brother Ali with Abstract Rude, Toki Wright and BK-One. Get all brushed up for tonight’s show by reading my 2003 interview with Brother Ali — a story that resulted in an angry shout-out by the MC during his Sokol Underground show that week. $12, 9 p.m.
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