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Category: Blog — @ 10:54 am June 5, 2007

An all-local line-up is slated for the opening weekend of Slowdown. Here’s the schedule of performers and set times. This provides a good indication of the kind of bands that will be booked at the club in the future. Doors open at 5 p.m.

Friday set times

7:00-7:30 Cap Gun Coup
8:00-8:30 Flowers Forever
9:00-9:30 Now, Archimedes!
10:00-10:30 Art in Manila
11:00-11:30 Domestica
12:00-12:30 Little Brazil

Saturday Set Times

8:00 Mal Madrigal
9:00 The Terminals
10:00 Ladyfinger
11:00 Bear Country
12:00 Neva Dinova

Bright Eyes on Letterman has become a non-event. I remember when any Omaha band on national television seemed like a miracle. Now it’s just another reason to set your TiVo. Letterman introduced the band saying, “Get out your spectral decoders,” while holding up a copy of the CD Cassadaga. The band was decked out in the same all-white ensemble that they’ve been wearing on tour. This was the first time that I noticed that Oberst is wearing white nail polish. I assume there was an Ed Sullivan moment backstage before the performance, where the producer looked over the lyrics to “Hot Knives” and said, “You’re not singing this line, this ‘Yeah, I’ve been fucked’ line. Come up with something else.” Instead, Oberst sang, “Yeah I’ve made love / In hand-cuffs / So what.” I almost like the new line better. The rest of the performance was by-the-book Bright Eyes. It’s always fun to see Mike Mogis on TV, though the mini orchestra looked a bit stage shocked, like a row of fish in a market, their eyes staring wide into the camera. Afterward, Letterman asked, “So who’s from Nebraska.” Conor half-raised his hand, then earnestly shook Letterman’s hand with a smile and said off-mic “Thanks a lot.” If you missed it, Bright Eyes is performing “Classic Cars” on the miserable Craig Ferguson show tomorrow night. These dates must have been scheduled in the wake of the Bright Eyes’s seven-night sold-out stint at NYC’s Town Hall, where he drug a plethora of special guests on stage to perform with him each night, including Lou Reed, Ben Kweller, Jenny Lewis, Jonathan Rice, Norah Jones and The Little Willies, Nick Zinner, Ben Gibbard, Ron Sexsmith and Britt Daniel. Rolling Stone online has a recap of the week here.

Tomorrow at Lazy-i, a long, detailed interview with Nansel and Kulbel on Slowdown.

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